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Premium Buoyage Pack

Premium Buoyage Pack

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“The buoyage pack is excellent” - A qualified deck officer

What do you get?

The set contains 16 buoys in total, including:

  • Lateral Marks for both IALA A and IALA B Regions
  • Preferred Channel Marks for both IALA A and IALA B Regions
  • The Cardinal Marks 
  • A Special Mark
  • An Isolated Danger Mark
  • An Emergency Wreck Buoy
  • A Safe Water Mark. 
  • Where applicable these buoys come with their topmarks or are designed to replicate the common shapes seen at sea.

This pack is the perfect tool to develop your knowledge and skill of navigating through buoyage systems. Instead of using pieces of card, utilise these 3D models to excel your learning and understanding of buoyage and prepare yourself for your exams. 

Each model has a base of approximately 40mm and the tallest buoys measure approximately 70mm tall providing a lightweight yet visually effective solution.

The models are manufactured using a 3D Printer and because of this they feature the typical visual and textured look of a product made in such a way. If you wish to learn about this fantastic process please visit our 'About' page.


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