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NightShip - The Nav Light Learning Pack

NightShip - The Nav Light Learning Pack

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Lightship Learning is incredibly excited to launch our new line of models - our NightShip range! 

We have been working closely with some of our customers to develop a range of 3D printed vessels that could emulate the possible lights that you may encounter at sea at night. 

All the ships in this range will be black in colour and will come with a large selection of coloured pegged spheres which allow you to stack the lights in any order you like. Our larger vessels will have specialised characteristics to allow for the sectors to be clearly shown on them.

We are really excited about what possibilities this new line of models will bring about for students and instructors and we will be closely taking on your feedback to innovate and improve the line to suit your needs.

This pack contains:

  • One Large Power Driven Vessel
  • One Small Power Driven Vessel
  • One Barge 
  • 4 Green, 4 Red, 4 White Pegged Beads
  • Coloured Sectored Lights


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