Lightship Charter Terms of Service


The Lightship Charter programme is an equipment rental programme. The customer purchases a membership which applies a unique 100% discount code to selected products across the store. A customer can therefore rent these products for the cost of the membership fee. In addition the customer gets access to an exclusive Discord channel for support with their learning.

Available products

Products that are made by Lightship Learning are included in the scheme, along with some additional products not made by Lightship Learning. The latest list can be found on our Membership Collection Page.

Rental Period

The rental period is one month and automatically renews each month. The customer may keep the products for as long as they continue to pay the membership fee.


The membership can be cancelled at any time. The products must be returned to Lightship Learning within 7 days of cancellation or the customer may be charged the full cost of the products that they have rented.

Condition of Goods

The equipment must be returned in a usable condition (e.g. all day shapes and buoy topmarks intact). If the goods are not returned in a usable condition then the customer may be charged the full value of the damaged goods.


The customer will pay for shipping to their delivery address. A free returns label will be included in the package to enable the return of goods at the end of the rental period. Currently we are only able to offer this service to customers based in the United Kingdom.

Changes to Terms of Service

We reserve the right to change these Terms of Service at any time.


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